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Need Suggestions

Postby amit_pearl2 » March 12th, 2019, 6:57 am

I am planning to start construction of my house soon.
Site dimension is 30*40. I wish to build duplex house, entire basement would be reserved for car park and garden.

First and second floor will be duplex with 3 bhk.

What is the max built up one can get with acceptable deviation of BBMP guidelines.

Which option is better, full turnkey vs itemised contract vs only labour contract. Only labour contract may be tedious to manage.

Is it worth hiring a freelance architect who is ready to oversee untill completion. It would be on fixed fee or lumpsum.

Do I also need to hire civil engineer along with architect, civil engineer may be responsible for construction. Will this cause conflict of interest?

There are few civil engineer who give basic duplex house design and lead to completion without architect. At times these houses miss wow factor.

I see lots of advertisement who are ready to give 2d and 3d drawing at very nominal price. Is this good for civil engineer to use and eliminate architect, assuming the civil engineer is qalified and understand structural engineering

Sorry for too many questions.. I am still in process of evaluation
Leads or experience will help

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