Go for bore well or not

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Go for bore well or not

Postby MRBHARATH » February 18th, 2019, 3:44 pm

I am planning put borewell in my house so I contacted geologist, person came with an instrument looking like merinos ‘campus and used this devise to locate water sources and to cross verify the point, he also used chain and swing this chain in pendulum fashion. Located some 2 point as per vastu for south facing. I asked him whether water source 100% present. He replayed there is chance of getting it but I can’t guarantee. I am also planning show to traditional method of fining water sources.
My biggest worry is whether I will get water or not, some people tells it is pure luck. Around my site (RK township phase 2 bommasandra) most of the bore wells are running dry now. Can anyone please suggest is it only pure luck of getting water?


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