Anjanapura BDA fraud selling of site

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Anjanapura BDA fraud selling of site

Postby mpkirthan » January 1st, 2019, 7:43 pm

Hello Friends.

Recently I met a agent whom I approached for address change, unfortunately that guy instead of doing that work he took advantage of my documents copies I had given him. Recently I heard my site was for sale and through some agent. I was shocked when I enquired it was true he and some of his friends we're trying to take advantage of this knowing that we are not available nearby.
Agent who is responsible for this heinous act is Jagadeesha from Raghvendra Properties. I'm still investigating at high profile to identify all the culprits involved. However I still don't know who has fallen victim of this scam, however please contact me if you come across anything for sale in 1st block Anjanapura. My site is 20x30, 600sqft which is near to rajakaluve and the new bridge towards other layout.

You can reach me at

My request to all buyers is hire a good lawyer though it costs you money and if possible go for bank loan. These scam guys quote less money than market value to attract customers.

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