Choosing WC / Sanitary ware

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Choosing WC / Sanitary ware

Postby Visualizer » August 30th, 2018, 12:32 pm

Can anyone guide me what to look for while choosing sanitoryware ?
I have decided upon wall hung WC however prices vary a lot in same brand. Example I found Cera wall hung WC models ranging from 6K to 20K. Are the prices just based on aesthetics or there are some other differences ?
Can someone please guide what is the difference ?

Also there are lots of sanitary fittings of lesser known brands made in Morbi ( Gujrat).

What are good quality economical brands , Not keen on kohler etc as 48+ K on a WC does not make much sense to me.

my construction is still in planning phase Architect presented 3 schemes and I have suggested some issues so he is eworking. Meanwhile I am doing my homework on various fittings and materials.

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