BDA auction

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BDA auction

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Hello Friends,
I saw there is a BDA auction coming up this month, one i saw is next to Orion Mall, it is 1410.25 SQ meter.
Its huge site, i am sure it needs 10-15 people to pool in, does it make sense to bid as a group, anyone interested?
I saw this ad in vijaya karnataka 2 days back.
Please see the attachement
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Re: BDA auction

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Firstly, the plot is a very odd shaped one. You need to think multiple times about the aesthetics of the building to be constructed and the purpose.

Secondly, base Price itself is nearly Rs. 17 Crores. Final settlement price can go up to Rs. 20 -25 Crores b'cos of the hot commercial location.
Arranging the potential buyers for a group investment all in white is really a challenging one.

All the Best.
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Re: BDA auction

Post by nagsbhat »

Also, saw something like 42000/- in BSK IV stage. Has real estate gone down or is there an issue in the area?
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