Land A Khata and Flat will be Property Khata - UTTRAHALLI

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Land A Khata and Flat will be Property Khata - UTTRAHALLI

Postby udhyakumarm » August 10th, 2015, 9:24 pm


I am about to finalize a flat in Uttrahalli. I have enquired about the KHATA with the builder.
The builder told the land is in BBMP A KHATA and the flat will be issued as Property KHATA after registration.
Also he told we can apply for BBMP A KHATA after the association formed in the apartment.

My Question:

1. Can i apply for A KHATA without an association?
2. If any of the flat owners does not show interest, What about the other flat owners? Still have an option to apply for A KHATA?
3. What is undivided share? All flat owners will have this undivided share?
4. What all other points i need to discuss with the builders?

I have took the documents to my legal adviser. They asked to me to get the listed document below.
Is it good to review only the below documents

1. CC
2. OC

Also the legal adviser told me, If there is any deviation in plan, the bbmp will not issue A KHATA and i need to live with B KHATA.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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