Pionier Lakedew - BDA Approved Plots

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Re: Pionier Lakedew - BDA Approved Plots

Post by luckyrishi56 »

hi ,
I am unable to join the group.Could you please share the correct id.
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Re: Pionier Lakedew - BDA Approved Plots

Post by Abban »

Hi Rishi,

This is the right email ID for the Lakedew googlegroup, do one thing, please send the request to Hareesh who has already posted his mobile number in this blog. He can be contacted through Whatsapp, he may be able to add you. @9845679282 also mention the plot number and month year of purchase

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Re: Pionier Lakedew - BDA Approved Plots

Post by axnjohn0001 »

I was scouting on plots around sarjapur road, realised that even in this dull market, the prices around are hyped up.
Despite those, I was planning to buy one, not because of the greatness of the area, but due to some schools advantage.

Project 1 - Pioneer Lakedew

1. The road in front of that project might get a facelift and there could be traction to this area.
2. PRR might give an advantage, but god knows when
3. With kids studying in some of the schools around, they will have an advantage.

1. Rajkaluve via the centre as well as through the sides - ( With the latest setbacks rules of 75mtr and 50mtrs from lake and Rajkaluve respectively, these could bite our back while house construction)
2. Mostly we look at approvals on site! what about amenities ? They failed to show amenities/clubhouse approvals which they claimed to be with the owner.
3. Not sure, we end up in a premium plotted development with ambiguities around the same premium things.
4. No transparency

Review on more projects to follow.....
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Re: Pionier Lakedew - BDA Approved Plots

Post by vpatil »

Hi Friends,

Going through this thread, I could make out some of our friends are in dilemma about the likely hood of development in the locality, legality issues, schools and colleges around, neigbhourhood, budget etc. From all these perspective, my opinion is that you should consider and evaluate 1st Block Sir M Visveshwariah layout, Kengeri. It is a fast growing colony at an affordable prices plots right now. Tension free from legality point of view because it is a BDA layout. Infrastrucure wise, all the necessary facilities are provided, plus upcoming Metro station near by. Lots of schools and colleges around etc etc...
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Re: Pionier Lakedew - BDA Approved Plots

Post by Rajeshm »

After negotiations with developer, they agreed for 3700rs per sq ft but dropped out as it is very far from main road.
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Re: Pionier Lakedew - BDA Approved Plots

Post by kumbimle »

I visited the project - Pionier Lakedew recently.
I am interested in buying and looking for any resale plot. If anybody is planning to sale then you can contact me. Thank you!
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Re: Pionier Lakedew - BDA Approved Plots

Post by Veerraju »

sandeep123 wrote:HI Girish,
it will be helpful, if you please let us know what exactly issue is.
My lawyer gave legal clearance for Millennia. I am worried, if we miss something.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Sandeep,
Did you went ahead and booked the plot in Millennia Lake view.

I just visited the project recently and liked, can you please the details you have?

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Re: Pionier Lakedew - BDA Approved Plots

Post by sureshhimnish »

Iam the first owner of a plot in pioneer residency in hosa road. It's bda approved. North facing corner site.
If interested pls call directly 9845481601.
Price 4400sqft. Stamp duty and registration charges you need to take care.

Huawei technologies.
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Re: Pionier Lakedew - BDA Approved Plots

Post by vivanku »


I am looking for plots in extension phase of Pionier Lakedew called Pionier Gardeniaa. Anyone who have already purchased there please help me in understanding if it's safe to invest there.

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