Granite sink or stainless steel sink

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Re: Granite sink or stainless steel sink

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I would suggest you to go with stainless steel sink, they are easy to maintain. Even if it is wet for hours, it does not form algae not does it has foul smell. Few stainless steel also come with rubber pads, making it sound proof or reduces sound. I came across some good sinks from Futura kitchen sink, you can have a look at it:
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Re: Granite sink or stainless steel sink

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Vimal wrote:
April 29th, 2013, 8:22 pm

Carysil makes granite sink which is 80-85% quartz, acrylic & pigments. It looks great.

How is that product ?


-->I have used Carasyl in my is 4 years old now and is serving us well. Makes no sound, not as heavy as granite but not as light as SS as well. It is mounted on plywood cabinet so the space below it is all for storage. The price is close to what an SS sink costs. My main consideration would be the sound that SS sink will make.
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Re: Granite sink or stainless steel sink

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Caraysil acrylic granito sinks are good to use, have been using for the last 7-8 years in almost all the projects. They are easy to clean, noise free, no decoloring, no cracks till date.
One should be careful that acrylic granito sinks when not installed are to be stored or transported safe. There are cases of sink getting damaged before installation for various reasons and rare case manufacturing issues. Company has resolved in thouse cases.

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