Kanakashree layout, Hennur

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Re: Kanakashree layout, Hennur

Post by vasanthorapeti »

Hi Venky,

Please mobile #, plot #, Part I or Part II to my email address : vasanth.horapeti@gmail.com.
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Re: Kanakashree layout, Hennur

Post by VineelaGS »


I am planning to buy a plot in kanakashree layout,Byrathi. if anyone interested in selling 30*40 plot please contact.
Here are my details
Phone number: 9945585956
Email id: bsatish2007@gmail.com
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Re: Kanakashree layout, Hennur

Post by lakshmanjaasti »

Hi Friends,

I am planning to buy site in kanakshree layout kannur and i am specifically looking for 30*40 north facing or at least one side north face if its corner site. I have visited many times by the saying of agents but when i reach there its most of times east/west.

So could any of you share the layout plan to me, so that i can decide before visiting the layout if its north or not. You can whats app me too

With Best Regards,
Lakshman 9880478899
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Re: Kanakashree layout, Hennur

Post by sweety_84 »


We are planning to buy a site in kannur kanakashree layout.
Please let me know what is the current price and also let me know if there are any issues or litigation in the layout.
I saw some online posts about the survey number 164.
Please help me on the same.

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Re: Kanakashree layout, Hennur

Post by pawanmup »


What is the ongoing rate in the Kannur Kanakashree Layout.

We have been searching in this locality and We have following queries,
1] There are 2 Parts, Part 1 and 2 . Is there any legal issues in Part 2 why are the rates less in part 2 ??

2] IMP When we checked the CDP plan in clearvalue.in, Kannur area including Kanakashree layout doesn't show any color code (Yellow is for residential).!!!

3] All the surrounding are is color coded , except kannur area. The forum members LNG, Suresh others who have brought the sites here please
clarify ?? why only this layout is not showing any color ?? Are we missing something !
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Re: Kanakashree layout, Hennur

Post by vfmbuilders »

Current rates in part-1 of kannur layout seems to be around 5000/sqft. I have a house for sale on a 30x40plot with stay and rental income. let me know if someone is interested.
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Re: Kanakashree layout, Hennur

Post by skndr »

Dear Friends
I own 30×50 at KANNUR kanakashree layout at phase 1, its South facing ,40 feet Road in front of site , only genuine buyers can mail me.
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Re: Kanakashree layout, Hennur

Post by vigana »

I have a plot 1425 North west facing (Corner plot) for sale in kanakashree layout Kannur . Please mail me @ mvidhya@hotmail.com if interested .
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Re: Kanakashree layout, Hennur

Post by crsrivatsan »


I am looking for a plot in Byrathi kanakashree layout 30*40 dimension. If anybody is willing to sell, please give me contact details. Thank you.

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Re: Kanakashree layout, Hennur

Post by mahee_hos »

hello Owner,

What is the property tax for 30*40 site in Kannur layout for fy16-17 ?
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