Status of Green field gardens ph 2 - GFG II

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Status of Green field gardens ph 2 - GFG II

Postby curiousgeorge » August 27th, 2013, 3:24 pm


I have got a site allotted in GFG II extension plan. And I'm interested to check the status.
Does anyone know status of this layout?

1) Approval of extension plan
2) Release and registration of sites
3) Layout developments

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Status of Green field gardens ph 2 - GFG II

Postby amarbkrishna » January 18th, 2014, 8:58 pm

Today I went to GFG 2 and I saw the roads (laying is in progress), construction of over head tank, street lights.
could you let me know for how mch I can buy per sft?
Is it safe to buy resale?
pls let me know ur contact number


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Re: Status of Green field gardens ph 2 - GFG II

Postby blackstallion76 » August 2nd, 2015, 7:38 am

Went 2 weeks back. The roads are laid, water is constructed, site markings are done. The site markings and number paintings are done till 1236. After that for remaining 180sites site markings done. Painting of numbers pending for final 180 sites. Once done with all other amenities, the other 40% of sites will be released.
Discussed with Babu, and he is confident of completing this by next year mar or apr. The already released sites are good for immediate registration.

Also, buyers for resale. The papers and plan approvals are all in place. I had myself checked these with my lawyers. And every sat/sun lots of them come for site visits resale. There is no major issues in the land papers. GFG 2 is much better compared to GFG 3/GFG 1. The approach/entrance/road widths are too good.

Atlast, after 10 long years I am able to register the site. My family is happy for now.
For people to go for loan, UCO bank has pre-approved loans from Telecom GFG.
Once the Aerospace/ITRR parks start along with IVR road widening, this will become prime area of New Bangalore.
There is already approach road from Yelahanka New Town. Given the pace of growth in Yelahanka and commercial interests this area will see development in next 5 years. Patience is the key.

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