What does BMRDA approved layout mean?

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What does BMRDA approved layout mean?

Postby SatishPatil » December 11th, 2011, 5:38 pm

Dear all,
I am totally illiterate regarding the sites and their nomenclatures. When I was looking for site near electronic city I found that there are some relatively cheap sites which claim they have BMRDA approval. Now, I do not know what are the advantages and disadavantages of buying a site in that layout. Could anyone help me in this please?


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Re: What does BMRDA approved layout mean?

Postby bda_dealers » December 14th, 2011, 1:58 am

Hello Mr.Satish
There are 3 types of approval authority - BDA, BMRDA, DTCP.
BDA - Bangalore Development Authority (For Bangalore Urban)
BMRDA - Bangalore Metropolitan Rural Development Authority (for Bangalore Rural)
DTCP - District Town Country Planning (for outside Bangalore district)

BDA is the costliest one amoungst all of the approvals. Then BMRDA and finally, DTCP.

You are correct. Those sides are still under rural regions so BMRDA approved layout are there and in cheaper rates. When they will be under BBMP limit then per sq. feet of site will hike like double.

There are many advantages then disadvantages. Layouts approved by those approval authorities says that land having clear titles, clean papers, etc. They strictly maintain certain rules and regulations to form proper and genuine layouts like layout must have good wide roads, parks, enough space for greenery, etc.

By the way, how much they are asking per sq. feet in electronic city?

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Re: What does BMRDA approved layout mean?

Postby pragjobs » August 2nd, 2012, 2:03 pm

Hi All,

I have purchased a plot from confident atria 7 which is BMRDA approved .I am new to all this site business.I want to what all are the list of documents we need to have when we say that the site is registered on our name.

Do we need to have any construction approval letter to construct the house in that layout.How to know if it is really registered on our name.How to pay the taxes for that site.


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