Forum Rules - Please Read!

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Forum Rules - Please Read!

Postby namburi » August 8th, 2011, 5:23 pm


Please comply with rules and post all information when posting for sale ads. There are many ads with no price info and then there are others with info but no contact info. This just ads to wasted replies of "send me price info", "send me contact info"

Hence forward, please post all ads with the following MANDATORY information.
1. Location of the plot / house / apartment.
2. Size details - For Plots - total area and dimensions; for apartments/built houses - plot total area, and dimensions, built up area, carpet area.
3. Facing (which side the plot faces - North, South, East, West)
4. Information about developer / builder.
5. State if it is a BDA plot or not.
6. Approvals - BDA, BMRDA, BBMP, DC conversion etc.
7. Price info - price per sq. ft and total price.
8. Contact info - preferably both email and phone, or at least one.
9. If direct seller or Broker.
10. If Broker - post the fees/commissions you charge.

Please note - if all the above information is not provided, the ad will be deleted. Upto now, the Admins have been gracious and only removed contact info for those without pricing info. From now forward - all ads without all the above information will be removed.

If you have additional information - such as amenities, membership fees, maintenance fees, registration schedule etc. it would be best for you to put them up front. Will save you time having to answer a thousand queries and also save the forum / admins work of having to maintain loooong threads.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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