Legal issues Surabhi Nagar in JP Nagar 8th phase

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Legal issues Surabhi Nagar in JP Nagar 8th phase

Postby gayathri » December 15th, 2014, 9:19 am


We are planning to purchase a plot in surabhi nagar in JP nagar 8th phase. It has A khata.

Quick browsing on google gives us the result that JP Nagar 8th phase has some BDA acquisition around 1988 and 1996. Then state govt denotified the same. But high court had quashed this de-notification in 2012.

We have gone through few judgements of the same acquisition for different survey numbers in online. The judgement has invalidated BDA acquisition.

On enquiry, my neighboring plot was sold just 3 month back and they were able to get the loan from AXIS Bank.

By considering AXIS bank providing loan and judgements for other survey numbers, we feel that its okay to buy the plot.

Need your opinion here.


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Re: Legal issues Surabhi Nagar in JP Nagar 8th phase

Postby raja2013 » February 2nd, 2015, 6:40 pm

Hi Gayathri,

When specific banks are only giving loans, I doubt it will be a A Khata site. From I know, surabhi nagar do not have A Khata and only B Khata. They will show the A Khata for the complete survey number but there won't be A Khata for the site. Since Khata bifurcation is not done and the layout is not approved, it will be a B Khata for the individual sites. With the legal issues, it is far more complicated.

-- Raja

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Re: Legal issues Surabhi Nagar in JP Nagar 8th phase

Postby ShashiDeshpande » April 8th, 2015, 2:49 pm

Axis Bank is better compared to DHFL. But to get 100% confirmation, get an opinion from any SBI or SBM legal advisors. That is more authenticator.
However what is loan rate offered? Have you approached the bank directly or did the estate agent arranged it?
Do not hesitate to spend Rs 2000-4000 to save lakhs.....gentle advice.....

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