Need caretaker/Watchmen In Nallurhalli

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Need caretaker/Watchmen In Nallurhalli

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I'm looking for watchmen/caretaker for my under construction building in Nallurhalli, if anyone has referrals, please connect with me.

Thanks in advance for help!

Uday Kumar
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Re: Need caretaker/Watchmen In Nallurhalli

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I had a similar issue, but couldn't get anyone on time. Watchmen aren't dependable all the time, they might drink and sleep at night, cannot stop thefts, or might go off for months around the festival time.

A workaround, that helped me. Get a simple metal framework done on all side of your side, patch it with 10 feet metal sheets, thought it might cost you more, over a period of time, it turns to be stress free and more reliable than a person. And the framework and sheets are reusable or sellable in the secondary market.
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