Help in the slope of ramp fo the parking

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Help in the slope of ramp fo the parking

Postby Visualizer » September 23rd, 2018, 5:11 pm

Hi ,

I am planning a stilt parking where slab is 6 feet above ground and floor is dug 2 feet giving total 8 feet of clearence. The total parking size is 18' wide and 16' deep
I have 7 feet free space in front that is from the building line to edge of the plot. The plan is yo have a bedroom above this parking space and I dont want too many steps to this bedroom from rest of the house ( 3' level approx).

Q1. Is a downward slope of 2 feet in 7 or approx 16 degree slope easy for parking ?

Q2. What is the clearence (floor to ceiling required) for parking SUV easily ? I checked Dimensions of Tata Safari, Hexa and Mitsubishi Pajero all seem to fit within 7 feet height. Is there anything I am missing out ?

Q3 : Can I bring down the slab to 5' 6" leaving 7' 6" clearance.. will a 7 feet vehicle scrap edge of the beam while coming down on ramp ?

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