Contractor reference required

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Contractor reference required

Postby kvanbu » September 28th, 2015, 11:30 pm

Hello Friends,

I am going to start my house construction in 30x40 site. It is located in Mahadevapura near outer ring road. I am looking for a good building contractor reference who can provide a service in that area. Since it is difficult for me to spend time in the week days, I am more inclined to material/full contract. Please provide me the good contractor reference for material/full/labor contract and an architect or equivalent person who can provide me a design.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Contractor reference required

Postby sabarishm » September 30th, 2015, 10:59 am

Hello Anbu,

Congrats on staring your house construction process ! I have started my house construction approximately 2 months back at kelkere-channasandra. I went with a full contract as I was also in the same state as you are, no time to visit the site daily as I stay around 13+ km away from the site. I consider myself really luck to have hooked up with my contractor as he is pretty genuine and honest person so far and have been paying attention to minute details like reinforcing my sump since there is running ground water which could cause leakage with a normal sump construction. Also during the curing part and all, we were really convinced after a few surprise visits from my side that he likes to keep very good quality on his work.

I am referring his name and contact below. He currently have only one project (my house) in hand and at most he said he will take one more. In case you are interested you can contact him.

Deepak T S


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Re: Contractor reference required

Postby kvanbu » October 3rd, 2015, 9:22 am

Thank you Sabarish for the details.

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Re: Contractor reference required

Postby reddykt » October 19th, 2015, 11:55 am

I have recently started construction of my house in Bangalore KRPuram. Initially i have contacted couple of contractors and finalised one among those. I have started talks with him and signed the agreement. They have promised me that starting from the bank loan approval to the woodwork, everything they will do. Once i signed the agreement, they stopped responding to me after i paid 3.5L advance.

They started work slowly (I only roamed for the bank loan approvals and nothing is done from there side). They are using chettinad cement and i found that one day (they are charging me for top grade jaypee cement) when asked the contractor about the same, they replied they dint use this for total footings.
I then faced many problems like this with them and more over they are local people. I got nothing to do. I told i will cancel the agreement. They told me that my advance amount will not be refunded and i can't cancel the agreement. I have filed a police compliant and the case is still in court (they have to still give 2.7L advance money).

I then got a contact of a A grade contractor who has done 11 5-floor appartment projects in bangalore.They have done central govt projects too. I then contacted them and initially they were hesitating as the site is smaller and finally agreed to take the construction work. All this happened in August2015 and from that day to till date, i dint have a single problem with them. I am really thankful to those who referred me this contractor. Though they are big contractors, they are very humble, good and honest. They are very flexible in materials. I have changed my tiles twice and they are fine to reduce that money from the agreement amount and allowed me to bring the own tiles i preferred. Quality is extremely good. I have visited there previous appartments and they have done a very descent job.

The reason i am putting some time to share this is, DONOT GO WITH SUCH CONTRACTORS, as i did. I have lost 2.7L amount and they are still not giving me the money and i am paying for my lawyer too. Most frustrating thing. All this is our hard earned money. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.
Go with good contractors and visit there previous projects. I got a problem with the bank in funding the loan amount in middle and this contractor helped me with this too (his frnds are DGM's of national banks). They have genuinly charged me for the material costs. This is far lesser than what agents offer to us. Since they are builders themselves in bangalore and hyderabad, they brought materials from there own construction sites.

In each and every phase they clearly told me how next phase is going to be and what all they are going to use.

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Re: Contractor reference required

Postby bannamalai39 » August 24th, 2016, 12:33 pm

hello reddyrkt
can you share me your A grade contractor's number .

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