barricading Private Roads ???

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barricading Private Roads ???

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i work in RMZ ECO world (not ecospace) this was erstwhile Adarsh Techpark in bellandur, the ADrash group has villaments and apartments inside campus.

The entry from Ring road passes Via Adarsh town, the road is is the shorted road to go out of tech park on other side, from last month they ahve put a barricade and sending back all the vehicles who are not residents of their complex

As per the web links from BBMP this is illegal, i wanted to know from fellow member can i arugue with these so called gated community security, and seems like everyone just listen and turn back to take the round about way ... ommunities
this is the URL i was referring

please do comment if i can oppose them and counter their arguments, or just turn blind eye and take what everyone else are doing
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