What about others who are waiting?

santosh patil
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What about others who are waiting?

Postby santosh patil » May 16th, 2011, 7:43 am

When will they announce 3rd phase of site allotment in Arkavathy Layout? How many sites can we expect for general people in the 3rd phase of site allotments? Now around 9000 sites have already been allotted among 20000, but now the farmers will also get sites who loose their land so how many more sites can general public expect? My dad has done 7 attempts with being state govt employee and 58yrs old. He is registered to BDA since 1984, can he get a site in 3rd phase of allotment?

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Re: What about others who are waiting?

Postby suvarna » May 17th, 2011, 12:59 pm

I found an old file detailing the cut-off details and expected number of sites if 20000 sites are developed. Note that the number of sites that will come out seem to be quite large. Don't know where these sites go.
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santosh patil
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Re: What about others who are waiting?

Postby santosh patil » May 17th, 2011, 5:53 pm

wow.... awesome..... u have done a real information check on this.... thank you... thank you... thanks a lot... i feel like i should share few more information about this with u... I walked into BDA office since 4 yrs and never even got to know about this..
i n my dad spoke with Mr. Bharath lal meena yesterday... "16- may - 2011"

my dad: i'm govt employee, completed 7 attempts, 58 yrs old now, not got allotment in this layout... But another govt employee.. only 5 attempts, he is 53 now....he got site... so please look into this... i have been sending letters, xerox of documents since 2006..

Mr. Meena: Sorry for inconvenience caused... i was not posted here when allotment list came.... no more sites to issue... only those 1800 + 7000 site allottees will get site.... if u want u can either wait for other layout notification or sue the BDA...

My dad: its not my fault... i have all 7 acknowledgments for applying n all my attempts... its a mistake caused by BDA official... u should recheck my docs n issue a site...

Mr. Meena: sorry. no more site..... please leave... go ahead n sue the BDA.... NEXT! NEXT!!! NEXT!!!! he asks for others to come in..

Being a commissioner n IAS officer.... he did not even take an interest to look in to our letter...

Please reply with suggestions... WAT NEXT??? should my father sue them..... i have put for RTI (right to information act) got few docs as well...

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