Arkavathy allottees: The wait to get longer

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Arkavathy allottees: The wait to get longer

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Arkavathy allottees: The wait to get longer
Sandeep Moudgal, Bangalore, May 2, DHNS:

After a seven-year long legal battle, site allottees at the Arkavathy Layout may now be asked to part with the sites allotted to them, in return for other sites in the layout.

The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) has asked original allottees to be prepared for a site swap so that property owners whose land were acquired for forming the layout could be allotted sites on priority.

A site allottee told Deccan Herald that he had been told by BDA officers to be ready to settle for an alternative site in a different block within the same layout. Reason: The BDA now needs to allocate the developed land to those who have parted with their land for the development of the layout on priority.

“Local engineers have hinted that we could be relocated to a same dimension site but in a different block of the Arkavathy Layout. The same was also conveyed to us by BDA Commissioner Bharath Lal Meena when we met him early March,” said the allottee.

Farmers may prefer sites

With the BDA having decided to offer 40 per cent of the developed land to the land losers, it is likely that farmers who are yet to avail compensation will ask for a portion of the land which they have parted with.

On the other hand, the land allottees have stated that the decision has now gone past the issue of being allocated their ‘preferred’ site.

“Most of us allottees have gone beyond the desire of getting our preferred sites. We are fed up with the delay. After waiting for seven years we do not have the energy to fight the BDA anymore,” said the hapless allottee.

However, BDA officials stated that no such plans exist and it appears that a decision to that effect has not been made.

“The decision to allot sites to land losers is one which has been causing concern for the BDA. We are still looking at the available sites to allocate them the developed land,” informed a BDA officer.

Meanwhile, status quo appears to remain at the proposed layout site with engineers still lagging in the completion of the ground work.

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