Khatha Questions

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Khatha Questions

Postby rmadhu » December 15th, 2013, 10:12 am

Hello Sir ,
I have purchased a second hand apartment which is more than 10 years old in Bilekahalli . Earlier this was in CMC and has been regularized and brought under BBMP quite a while back . I do Not have a A Khata and I am trying to get one .
1) Some of our Apartment Owners have A Khata and the new PID as well . Does that mean all the aparments can technically have A Khatha .
2) Since my first owner was abroad always he had no clue abt these Khatha concepts and never got any CMC Khata nor BBMP Khata
3) Since it is an old building , the certificates asked by BBMP like Possession Certificate and completion certificate are not available , etc.
4) The taxes have been paid for all the years Since Construction ( 2002 ) , till date without fail .
5) With these constraints ,Can I still Get a A Khata . Can you pl help me what are the formalities to be done .

Can you pl help answer the qns .


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Re: Khatha Questions

Postby msn1270 » December 15th, 2013, 2:30 pm


Basically Completion and occupancy certificate has to be arranged by the Builder to the Flat Owner.

Getting the A Khata & PID for the Individual Flat from BBMP(As its already merged from CMC to BBMP)
is the responsibility of the respective owner. Here your previous owner has not done his job.

while purchasing itself you skipped a vital step i.e. getting all the related/complete documents. I'm not sure,
how confidently you purchased this apartment knowingly or unknowingly about the incomplete documents. Even
now, you can get the pending documents. But you need to spend lot of effort or go through many hassles at the
bureaucrats and as a last step/quick route you will end up bribing some one in the BBMP Office to get your
complete documentation.

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