Investment - Agricultural Land or Approved Plots

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Re: Investment - Agricultural Land or Approved Plots

Postby siteseek » August 7th, 2015, 9:39 am

I would like talk about some of the potential agricultural group projects we have looked at. All on Tar Roads.

1) Channapatna : 3 acre land. 1km from town/highway. Plot is 325 x 400ft (rough). Easy to split
2)Solur: 2.5 acre land. 3.5kms from highway. Easy to split
3)Kanakapura: 1 or 1.5 acre (3-5kms from highway). Available with 2 or 3 combinations

All projects are quoted between 35 to 45L per acre If someone [again I repeat, who can register farming land against their name] willing to invest 25 to 40L do let me know. Need an active partner who will play his role in negotiation/doc verification etc.... :)

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Re: Investment - Agricultural Land or Approved Plots

Postby sam_m400 » August 7th, 2015, 12:47 pm

Is eligibility for approval to buy agricultrual land from any state is enough ?

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Re: Investment - Agricultural Land or Approved Plots

Postby vponugu » August 13th, 2015, 2:31 pm

This is a very interesting topic to me I always wanted to own a farm land near Bangalore. I may not be able to participate in this process actively due to other personal and professional constraints, but I can share my bit of inputs and if situation permits I would jump in and join you guys in the process.

My inclination have been towards the outskirts of East Bangalore around Malur which is a bit closer to Whitefield and around Chintamani which is about 40 - 50 kms from Whitefield.

My idea to own the farmland is for ROI and above and beyond that the sheer pleasure of owning farm land close to the city and to be able to spend some time.

I see some of the members interested in lands towards south of Bangalore i.e Kanakapura etc. Am fine and would be happy as far as there is greenery around it with relatively not so far from the city. Also we should consider areas where development might hit in the future I guess that is the underlying aspect which we all are considering.

Kindly keep this post updated with development and interested parties may pitch in with any kind of support, be it documents verification or any other logistical support.

Good luck.!!

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Re: Investment - Agricultural Land or Approved Plots

Postby ShashiDeshpande » August 19th, 2015, 1:17 pm

Hello Friends
Before jumping to our likes, dislikes and dreams, please have a look at the following
1. If more than 2 person join and buy a land and in the feature, if anyone wants to liquidate /sell due to some obvious reasons, how that can be done?
2. We all know or should understand "everyday is not Sunday"
3. My experience is always we need to stick to some firm guidelines and should see the future risks and consequences to address in the first place.
It is a good idea and a very promising concept, but getting like minded people is always a problem. "Have a exit plan first, before entry plan"

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