Cochin and Real Estate

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Cochin and Real Estate

Postby rohin » August 26th, 2013, 11:10 am

Cochin is the home town of a majority of malayalis staying outside India. And naturally, it has led to a huge demand for land and property in Cochin. Cochin has always been at the receiving end of huge interest from its NRI population, who are willing to spend bulk amounts to buy housing property in the city. This is partially due to the high lifestyle options it has to offer. The coming up of various world class speciality hospitals, schools, world famous shopping malls and restaurant chains has added to its attraction. People are making a beeline to invest in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCochin real estate[/url]. This rise in demand for Cochin Real Estate is also due to the infrastructural developments taking place here. A number of projects have started or are about to start in this commercial capital of Kerala. There are various projects like Vallarpadam Container Terminal, SEZ, Mobility Hub, Info park etc that has already seen completion, leading to greater job opportunities in the city. This has in turn led to a rise in property prices as the working population coming from other cities are looking out for housing options. The rise in demand for houses and office complexes led to many builders entering the Kerala market. Known builders like DLF city, Shobha Group, Puravankara Projects, Confident Group, DLF, Gokulam Builders, Heera Constructions, Infra Housing Pvt. Ltd., Jain Housing & Construction Pvt. Ltd, Kent Construction, Mather Projects & Constructions have set up office here. Cochin is all set to have some great housing solutions that are world class, stylish and encourage contemporary lifestyle.

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