layout in bda unauthorised list

layout in bda unauthorised list

Postby krishnakumar » 20 Nov 2011, 14:49

hi all

if a layout name is appearing on the bda list of unauthorised layout but has come to BBMP now and having proper khata the does it mean it has been regularised? is it ok to construct in such cases?
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Re: layout in bda unauthorised list

Postby msn1270 » 21 Nov 2011, 09:27

BDA Approval comes with certain conditions for layout development.
1) layout must be of minimum 10 acres land.
2) Residential plot should not exceed more than 49% of the total developed area.
3) Remaining 51% must be utilised for Roads, Parks, Common amenities/commercial facilities....etc

if any of the layouts doesn't follow the above rules, it is claimed as Non-BDA Approved layouts.
Even through It is not a BDA Approved Layout, atleast it should have BDA NOC, stating this survey number land is not under BDA's consideration
for acquisitions for future layouts...etc. Then it is safe to buy if it is already under BBMP Area.
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Re: layout in bda unauthorised list

Postby kalidas » 21 Nov 2011, 10:06

the bda unauthorised list is the funniest list in the world. There are about 130 entries there. Most of them are dc converted layouts. However, there are atleast a 500 more on the newly added areas (not counting the one that has already been regularised withing corporation limits) that do not make an entry. Many of the 500 are still revenue lands. Dont know why they have not been included. As such this is one shoddy work of a government agency. Probably the person who made the list went of leave after those 130 entries.

So basically, any layouts that is not approved by BDA, bmrda, biappa, bmicpa are unauthorized even though they dont come in the list. Some of the old areas have been regularised and they are safe purchases. Even a "A" khata does not mean much if the layout is encroached, or on Rajakaluve, lake bed etc...
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Re: layout in bda unauthorised list

Postby bgowda » 23 Nov 2011, 16:47

If you go with BDA Unauthorised layout list, complete Bangalore is illegal. Its a problem with BDA itself. It should be very strict from the begining itself. It gives develop layout..later.. people who develop layout will try to do all illegal just to make money.. and finally people who lives there will suffter... I dont think we have to afraid that much on BDA unauthorised layout list.. as in many layouts people are living happily..the problem will not be for entire layout.. you have to check what is the problem with that particular layout.. and carryon with purchasing.. Many of the layouts which are there in that list are all beutiful residential layouts with full demand.
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Re: layout in bda unauthorised list

Postby krishnakumar » 26 Nov 2011, 09:10

i completely agree. while BDA's own layouts are in pathetic condition, the so called illegal layouts atleast have basic facilities to live in. however my question was from a legal angle as to once a plot in such layout comes under BBMP and gets proper khata does it mean it has been regularised? anyone ha any idea about this?
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Re: layout in bda unauthorised list

Postby godisgood » 27 Nov 2011, 19:09

i too agree with you guys. i am curious to know the answer to this as well. would help a lot in making decisions
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