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1. Invest your hard earned money in projects promoted by renowned developers
having proven track record. Do not go by glossy brochures or attractive
advertisements. Do not believe the words, 'Financial Institutions approved
2. Check up the documents with a learned Advocate. Ensure that the documents of
title of the property you intend to purchase are clear. Defective title will
create problems at any point of time.
3. Always go for a property, which has a resale value.
4. Ensure that the building has been constructed as per the sanctioned plan and
if any deviation in the allowed limits. It is not in a low-lying area or in a
filled up water body.
5. You may always rope in the services of a reputed real estate agent and fix
his commission well in advance.
6. Purchase the property in a developing area. The value of land will
7. If you prefer a ready-to-occupy Flat, locate it off the main road on a wide
street with adequate water supply away from slums, cinema hall, marriage hall,
open drain, factories, place of worship but not very far from school, college,
commercial complex, temple and hospital.
8. If you buy the flat/building under construction, visit the work site
regularly and see the work progress.

9. You may not be a Vaastu believer, but purchase house or flat or land that is
Vaastu-friendly from resale point of view.
10. If any one offers flats/sites for a cheaper rate than the prevailing market
rate, there may be certain hidden problems. So you should be extra-ordinarily
careful on finalisation of such a property.
11. Ensure that the developer has Clearance Certificates from government
departments viz., Electricity Board, Water and Sewage Board, etc..
12. Commencement Certificate and Occupancy Certificate are other important
documents that are necessary while buying the flats.
13. Check up the genuineness of the documents with the concerned authorities in
14. Ensure Agreement for Sale and Sale Deed, duly stamped, executed and
registered are in your possession. Both should contain fair clauses for both
the parties.
15. In case of flat purchase, specification of the building, including material
used, difference between the carpet area and the super built-up area are the
important factors to decide the rate. Other facilities like Club House,
Swimming Pool etc., also will have to be considered.
16. Check whether there is adequate water supply and sanitary line facility.
17. In case of GPA transaction ensure the validity of GPA.

Documents Required

The Documents required for scrutiny of the title will vary in each case. In
general the following documents are required to verify the title deeds of the
property. However, based on these documents, further documents will also be
required to come to conclusion.

Documents required for purchase of BDA property (formerly CITB)
1. Allotment Letter.
2. Receipts of payment of site value.
3. Lease-cum-Sale Agreement.
4. Possession Certificate.
5. Absolute Sale Deed
6. Khatha certificate from the BDA
7. Tax paid receipts from the Bangalore Development Authority.
8. Khatha Certificate from the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike(if it comes under
Corporation Revenue Jurisdiction.
9. Tax paid receipts from the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike.
10. Encumbrance Certificate from the date of allotment to the date of
11. Re-allotment Letter / Re-conveyance Deed if property re-conveyed by the
12. Documents to prove why BDA re-conveyed the property.

Documents required for purchase of Converted Revenue Lands
1. Conversion Order issued by the Deputy Commissioner.
2. Conversion amount paid Receipt.
3. RTCs for thirty years issued by the Village Accountant
4. Tax Paid Receipts issued by the Village Accountant
5. Documents of ownership
6. Mutation Register Extracts
7. Akarband/Tippani/Podi Extracts
8. Surveys/Boundary Map
9. Village Map
10. Nil Tenancy Certificate
11. Confirmation from the competent authority that there is no acquisition
12. Layout Plan Approval by the competent authority.
13. Khatha Certificate issued by the Revenue authority.
14. Latest Tax Paid Receipts
15. Encumbrances for the last 30 years
16. Validity of the Power of Attorney
17. Zonal Regulation Map.

Documents required for purchase of Agricultural Land
1. Origin of the Property
2. Flow of Title
3. Mother / Parental Deeds
4. Index of Land and Records of Rights
5. Grant Certificat e if any / Saaguvali chit
6. RTC/Phani extracts for the last 30 years
7. Relevant Mutations / Extract
8. Endorsement from competent Authority confirming that there is no acquisition
9. Village Map
10. Survey map
11. Akarband, Tippani, Poddi Extracts
12. Relevant Sale Deeds.
13. C.D.P. Plan pertaining to the area.
14. 79 (A) & (B) Certificate under Land Reforms Act.
15. Land Tribunal Order, if any.
16. Certificate for change of survey number, if any
17. Nil Tenancy Certificate
18. Latest Tax Paid receipts.
19. Encumbrance Certificate for last 30 years.
20. Family Tree of the Vendor
21. Endorsement from Tahsildar that the land does not fall under
"Grant" or "Inam" category.
22. Phani of the Purchaser

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