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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible to apply for a site to BDA?
A person  who is an ordinary resident within the jurisdiction of the Authority for not less than five years before the last fix for making application and a person or his family does not own a site or a house allotted by the Authority or any other Authority within the area and the jurisdiction of the authority or the BMP.

2. What are the criteria for selection of applicant for allotment of site?
The criteria for selection of applicant is purely based on the category, number of earlier attempts made, age factor  and annual income of the applicant.

3. What are the different categories considered while allotting sites?
Backward tribe 2%, scheduled tribe 3%, schedule caste 13%, Defence personnel & the family of those who died in action 10%, State Govt. employees 10%, Central Govt. & public sector employees 8%, Physically handicapped 2%, and General Public 50%, persons who have done exemplary service in the field of Art, Science or Sports 2% .

4. What are the documents to be submitted by the allottees to obtain absolute sale deed in case of the old Layout?
Application for issue of A.S.D, Photo and specimen signature identification duly attested by a gazetted officer, and recent passport size photographs-3, last tax paid receipt to BDA, loan discharge certificate/NOC from the financial institutions, attested copy of the possession certificate(pc), attested copy of the Khatha certificate and up to date Encumbrance certificate in Form No.15 (in original).

5. What are the documents to be furnished by the allottees for transfer of site in case of old layouts?
Application for transfer of site -
a) Up to date encumbrance certificate in Form No.15 (in original) photo & specimen signature identification duly attested by a gazetted officer, and recent passport size photograph-3
b) Last tax paid receipt to BDA
c) Loan discharge certificate/NOC from the financial institutions
d) Attested copy of the possession certificate (pc)
e) Attested copy of the khatha certificate
f) Proof of Relationship-as genealogical tree/survivorship certificate/Ration card extract/attested copy of the identity card issued by Election Commission/voters list etc.
g) Attested copy of the relinquishment Deed/ Joint Affidavit
h) Attested copy of the Partition Deed
i) Original death certificate
j) Original Will
k) Original Gift Deed
l) Indemnity Bond
m) Self Affidavit

6. What is the time limit given to deposit full value of the sital amount by the Allottee?
Allottee can pay the full amount without any interest up to 60 days from the date of intimation of site allotment and for the next 30 days allottee need to pay an interest at the rate of 18% and for the next 30 days Rs.21% interest will be charged.
After clear 120 days time after allotment intimation, if the sital amount is not paid, allotment will be cancelled.

7. Who is the sanctioning authority for building plans?
a. Engineering department of BDA will approve the building plans.
b. BDA is the sanctioning authority for building plans in respect of building constructed on site allotted by BDA as well as on sites in private layouts approved by the BDA.
c. Applicants are required to submit particulars in the prescribed format.

8. Why should we get NOC in case of revenue sites?
In case of construction of buildings for the individual sites not covered in the schemes of BDA, NOC needs to be taken from the concerned Executive Engineer of BDA.
In absence of this, construction of  buildings with license from village panchayath/notified area committees etc is illegal and liable for demolition.

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